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Why Choose Accurate Testing?

Convenient * Accurate * Fast * Reliable * Confidential

Accurate Testing provides the following drug and alcohol services: On or Off site DWI/DUI or Chemical health assessment/ASUDS-R, court ordered DWI/DUI Evaluations and drug and alcohol educational classes. We are also Leaders in drug and alcohol forensic testing field.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of services with the client as our top priority. Our programs are designed to enable the clients to make changes in their actions by changing the way they think. Our programs provide clients with knowledge and skills needed to change their behavior and to be successful in preventing future DWI/DUI.

The Accurate Testing staff are licensed professionals with many years of experience, trained to provide the highest standard of care to the client. We are known for having the most competent and trained staff in the substance abuse field. Accurate Testing is committed to developing Drug and Alcohol programs designed to give clients the opportunity to make changes in their life.

The goal of Accurate Testing is to reduce the number of drinking and driving offenses in the state of Minnesota.

Looking for ACCURATE, FAST, CONVENIENT drug and alcohol services?