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About Us

The goal of Accurate Testing is to reduce the number of drinking and driving offenses in the state of Minnesota.

Accurate Testing, Inc. began in 2000 in response to a need for educational and prevention services in the state of Minnesota. Since its inception the organization has served and educated over one thousand participants and has become the leading mobile testing service in Dakota County providing chemical health assessments and consultative services to the Judicial Department of the Minnesota Supreme Court and County Corrections and Probation Departments. In addition to Dakota County Accurate Testing services are used in a number of counties because of the company's highly regarded reputation for delivering quality drug testing and services.

Steven J. Weber, who founded the company in 2000 and still serves as the owner and operator, has extensive experience in the field of chemical dependency counseling and cognitive behavioral approaches to reducing the number of offenses in drinking and driving. Mr. Weber began his career in Minnesota as a Drug Unit Assistant and then proceeded to move his way up as a counselor, consultant and then a director of services for the Psychiatric Services of Houston in Texas. Mr. Weber has also worked as a therapist and counselor both in organizations and as a private practitioner. He has a strong background in family counseling and is skilled in evaluation methods of multi-addiction and dual diagnosis patients.

Mr. Weber is specifically known for his specialization in adolescent treatment and the development of programs. He is a co-designer and implementer of Adolescent Lifeworks Family of Origin program in Houston Texas, which focuses on cognitive behavioral approaches to identifying roles of children in dysfunctional families and the systems within the families.

Given Mr. Weber's extensive experience and the variety of cases he became acquainted with over the years, he wanted to provide curriculum and trainings to aid other therapists and counselors working with people with chemical dependency issues. Mr. Weber developed and co-developed four widely used programs that speak directly to the cognitive imperatives that lead people to make poor decisions while intoxicated. The outcomes of these programs included that participants gain motivation to not use mood-altering chemicals, increase awareness of identity and personal issues and connect with the community.