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Mobile Chemical Health Assessment / Rule 25 Assessment

Minnesota DUI Law, Statue MN169A.70 states that under most circumstances when arrested for a DUI/DWI, a chemical health assessment will be required.

As a licensed, alcohol and drug abuse counselor, Accurate Testing's assessment are recognized and accepted by the Minnesota courts.

Mobile Chemical Health Assessments or DWI evaluations/ASUDS-R, On or Off site services for English, Spanish and Hmong speaking clients.

If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI, you may make an appointment to complete a chemical health assessment by scheduling one with our agency, Accurate Testing, Inc. It is to your benefit to complete this assessment prior to meeting with your attorney or attending your court hearing. This assessment could give your attorney or judge a better understanding of your situation. Accurate Testing, Inc. is fast, convenient, reliable and confidential. We will also provide services at a location of your choice.

Who may benefit by receiving a chemical health evaluation?

This service is designed for individuals who are arrested for a DWI/DUI, involved in a court case that involves controlled substances or work and school issues affected by chemical use.

What is a chemical health assessment?

This assessment includes a diagnostic test, and summarizes your chemical use history. The assessment is conducted by a licensed chemical health professional that will make recommendations based on your individual needs. It can be extremely helpful to your legal case to have an objective and fair assessment completed before appearing for your court hearing.

Is health insurance accepted for a chemical health assessment?

Accurate Testing, does not accept health insurance. By working with an independent licensed professional, your health insurance company will not have access to these records, therefore keeping this information off your permanent medical record.

Where can I have my assessment done?

Accurate Testing, Inc. is one of the few companies that provide mobile testing. An assessor can meet you at a location that is convenient for you, near your home or place of work. Since it may be unlikely that you can drive at this time, Accurate Testing, Inc. makes this location convenient for you

What is the cost of a chemical health assessment?

In-shop assessment is $200 and $225 for mobile assessments. Payment is due by cash or credit card at the time of the DWI or chemical health assessment.

Call Accurate Testing at (952) 851-8862 or direct at (612) 619-6595 to schedule your chemical health assessment today.