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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a chemical Health Assessment when I get a DWI?

Yes. In the state of Minnesota you are required to complete a Chemical Health Assessment The advantage of getting an assessment done before going to court is that the judge will see that you are being proactive and in most cases you will get your license back sooner.

Are the assessment and classes confidential?

Yes and No. If you use your insurance company then the answer is no. Your information will go to your insurance company and the judge, it will also stay in your medical records. If you do not use your insurance company then only the judge will see your assessment.

Is health insurance accepted for a chemical health assessment?

Accurate Testing, does not accept health insurance. By working with an independent licensed professional, your health insurance company will not have access to these records, therefore keeping this information off your permanent medical record.

If I get a DWI, can I get an outside, independent alcohol test while in jail?

Yes. Accurate Testing is available 24 hours to provide this service. Refer to the Blue Pages for Accurate Testing.